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Bar – Boljare Highway Project is a key infrastructure highway project led by the Ministry of Transportation and Maritime Affairs. After its construction, the highway shall become incorporated into international road network, connecting several countries in Central Europe. According to the plan of the Government of Montenegro, the most difficult section Smokovac-Matesevo will be constructed first. The length of the route of the highway is 40.871 km, and national road standards of Montenegro are adopted, with reference to the European specifications as well. These construction standards will be applied for the two-way four-lane highway, with the speed of 100km/h according to the design, and the construction period of 4 years. The highway stretches from south to the north across the mountains. In technical terms it is very demanding, and the construction is very challenging. Bridges and tunnels make up to about 60% of the entire route. In recent years, it is the largest infrastructure project in Montenegro, and the implementation of the project is very challenging.

Smokovac-Matesevo Highway project is another successful example of cooperation between China and Eastern Europe, and it has strong support from the leaders of the two countries and their governments, so that Chinese Exim Bank provided an excellent loan for the project. The highway is expected to be opened for traffic in 2019, after that, travel time from the capital city Podgorica to the northern city of Kolasin will be shortened to about 30 minutes, which will make the half hour ride away towns enter the capital city’s economic circle. For the development of tourism, travel and other transportation of Montenegrin people, the highway will play a very important role, driving overall economic development of the entire country of Montenegro.


Section Smokovac-Matesevo Layout